When a pipe bursts, it can give any homeowner or tenant pause. You are hit with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see water flood through your home and engulf your possessions. Quick thinking is a must when a water emergency strikes. Here are a few steps to take in the event of a burst pipe.

Turn Off the Water

First thing is first- turn off the water! Before more serious damage is caused to the structure and wiring of your home, shut off the water to the pipe. Once you’ve turned off the main water supply, turn on the tap in other parts of your residence to decrease the water pressure. Water to the heating appliances should be switched off as well.

Turn Off the Electrics

The next step is to turn off all electrics and electrical appliances near the leak. If anything electrical is wet, however, DO NOT TOUCH IT. You can always switch the power off at the electrical service panel instead of the individual appliances. A burst pipe can easily become very dangerous when electricity comes into play.

Collect the Water

If no electrics are near the flooded area you can start mopping up some of the water. Be sure to look around and access what type of damage has occurred. If the water started to go through the ceiling and the ceiling is bulging, be careful to not stand directly under it. You can wait for a professional or set up a bucket underneath and stand well away from the bulge before piercing the plaster with a broom handle.

Call a Professional

The former steps, although important, are only meant to help contain the situation and do damage control before a professional plumber arrives. Damage dealt by a burst pipe can be more serious than you think and having an experienced professional gauge the full extent of the destruction caused by the water.  

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