When we hear the word plumbing most people will think toilets or drains, so most people don’t know about their shower plumbing system! But behind that shower wall is a complex system of pipes and valves which control how enjoyable your shower is! Neglecting your showers plumbing system can lead to a myriad of problems, but the faster you catch them, the better. Here are our tips to spotting issues with your shower, and how we can help!

Hard Water, Big Problems

Water that is high in mineral content is known as Hard Water, and it can cause various problems to your showers pipes. The minerals from Hard Water, such as magnesium, a build-up in your shower pipes, restricting water flow and increasing pressure. Hard Water can even corrode joints and fillings, and can become bad enough to require a complete shower plumbing replacement! If you’re not sure if your water is considered hard, the telltale sign is white buildup on shower heads and faucets.

Splashing in Puddles?

When you take a shower, has the water started pooling around your feet? If so, you shouldn’t wait until it’s up to your ankles to call a professional! Shower drains can become clogged over time with hair and other particles, and not only does this cause water to pool around your feet but the backed up water increases pressure on waste pipes, shortening their lifespan. Keeping a drain cover or hair catcher over your shower drain can help prevent these clogs, but if water is already pooling, call us! It may be tempting to try and fix on your own, but handling the issue without a professional could lead to more damage, at more costs to you!

Drip, Drip, Drip!

Everyone knows the dreaded sound, but only professionals know the cause! A Leaky shower head or faucet may seem like a small nuisance, but it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. When you don’t repair a dripping shower head or faucet, it can create more damage to the valve itself over time, costing much more to fix.

A leaky shower head could be caused by many different things, such as worn components in the valve or water sticking to limescale on a showerhead. But some leaks are more mysterious, requiring tests to be run on different components of the shower. Tackling a leak as soon as possible is pivotal, as even a small amount of water damage is enough to require expensive repairs.


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